Reasons Why Your Mattress Needs Two Mattress Covers

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Your mattress plays a major role as far as your health is concerned, and so when you buy a mattress, it is important to check its firmness and support. Depending on your sleeping position, you need to find the best mattress for stomach sleepers or the best mattress for back sleepers

The average lifespan of mattresses varies between 7 and 10 years. A memory foam mattress lasts 10 years. However, the lifespan of the mattress depends a lot on the frequency of use, body weight, the purpose for which it is used, and of course maintenance.

When you buy a mattress, ensure that, apart from quality and warranty, make sure that the mattress has two covers. There is an inner cover that is part of the mattress and the outer cover which can be removed and washed to ensure hygiene. 

Reasons Why Mattress Should Have Two Covers

Here are some important reasons why your mattress needs two covers:

1. Warranty claim

Every mattress comes with a warranty. However, you need to keep in mind that your warranty is valid provided that the inner cover of your mattress is not stained or damaged. The second cover which your mattress has, the mattress comforter, ensures that the inner cover is protected from stains. This ensures you can make claims for manufacturing defects, if any. 

2. Environment-friendly

The mattress comforter is made of organic material which ensures no damage to the environment. The better the outer cover, the longer the life of the mattress. This means huge savings for you since you will not have to change your mattress frequently. 

3. Better hygiene

Mattress hygiene is extremely important for your health. With two covers, your inner cover is protected from bacteria, dead skin cells, perspiration, dust mites, and more. 

4. Allergy Protection

Dust mites and bed bugs are the two biggest allergens which could destroy your inner cover and cause health complications. With a washable mattress comforter, you can protect yourself from such allergens. 

5. Easier maintenance

Maintaining your mattress would be a time-consuming task, but with the mattress protector, it can be done with ease. A gentle wash and air drying are all your mattress comforter needs!

6. Bed wetting problem

Children suffer from bed-wetting during a certain phase in their life. With the outer cover, the mattress protector, this is no longer a problem. 

7. Improved sleep quality

The mattress protector, the outer cover, also helps in keeping you cool apart from protecting the inner cover. The outer cover comes with a TPU film which makes it breathable. 

8. Affordable protection

The outer cover is very reasonably priced considering the benefits you get from it. 

9. For all seasons

A mattress protector can be used in all seasons from summer to winter, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. 

Dual Cover for Multiple Benefits

Considering the benefits, it is simple to understand why your mattress must have 2 covers. So buy the mattress of your choice, check the covers, and enjoy quality sleep!!

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