Check Out The Best Mattress Brands In India For The Year of 2020

Best Mattress Brands In India

Getting a good quality mattress is essential if you want to experience peaceful sleep at night. The overall quality and material of the mattress are good to determine if you are going to have a good time when sleeping. There are different kinds of mattresses that we can buy in 2020. Each of them is unique in their own style. The benefits and features they deliver, allow us to sleep peacefully at night. They also help to keep away a lot of health issues at bay.

Over time, a lot of mattress brands have come up. All these companies have done years of research and brought innovations that helped to change the mattress industry. Whether you want to buy an ortho mattress or a standard spring mattress, they have a solution for you.

Let us check out the best mattress brands in India from where you can shop for the best products. Take a look at them in the list below.

Kurl-on – one of the most renowned and best mattress brands in India Kurl-on is in the industry for more than two decades. They always make use of the latest technology and innovations in order to create their mattresses. They have fantastic customer support and popularity, making them a reliable company. Their mattresses are usually made of these essential materials – Foam, Spring, Rubberized coir, and Therapeutic. If you want a good mattress at a great price, Kurl-on is the best.

Sleepwell – another very well-known name in the market, Sleepwell provides some of the best selling mattresses in India. With an ISO 9001 certification, Sleepwell focuses on delivering top-notch mattresses that give you the best sleep you experienced in a while. Their development team makes use of global tech and innovations to create their products. Sleepwell has some of the best comfort mattresses at amazing prices for the customers.

Rubco – headed by the Rubberized Coir Mattress Division of the Kerala State Rubber Co-operative Limited, Rubco manufactures great rubber and foam mattresses. You’ll be surprised to know that they have seven types of cori mattresses under their brand name. From high-end luxury mattresses to affordable ones, Rubco has a comfy solution for everyone. These are the most popular products of Rubco – Dosth, Yathri, Safal, Heal, Heaven, & Relief.

Tempur-Pedic – a US-based brand, that have created great amazing mattresses over the years, Tempur-Pedic is a great brand to choose. Their materials are made of natural elements and fibers which are 100% safe to use. Their mattresses can help you enjoy reduced back pain, muscle ache, etc. Most of their products come with 25 years warranty. Their 4 most well-known ranges include – cloud, contour, weightless & simplicity collection. We also love their high-quality ortho mattresses.

Dunlopillo – a name that doesn’t need any introduction, Dunlopillo is one of the oldest mattress manufacturers in the world. Their comfort mattress can wrap around your body and offer the highest level of support. You don’t feel restless or there is no trouble in achieving the perfect spinal alignment. The mattresses undergo several quality checks and only then released for the customers. Their four major mattress ranges include – the TempSmart, Classic, Harmonize, and Fusion.

Duroflex – Duroflex makes use of its patent Full Prone Support System that delivers a smooth and fantastic sleep at night. Their mattresses are made of very premium materials that help your body to attain the proper support. These mattresses can effectively help to release a lot of pressure from different parts of the body like the shoulders, knees, & neck. Duroflex mattresses you can buy here include –  rubberized coir mattress, luxury mattress, spring mattress, and foam mattress.

SleepZone – owned by Real Innerspring Technologies Private Ltd., SleepZone is among the best mattress brands in India. Their spring mattresses are considered the best in the market and can last for more than 10 years. In recent times, the brand has also launched its non-spring mattresses which offer the same service and quality levels. They offer custom-sized mattresses at a wide range of prices. The Europedic Organic Latex Mattress, Sleepzone Spring Mattress, Galaxy Bonnell Pro Spring Mattress, and Sleepzone Pocket Mattress, are some of the best products they have on offer.

King Koil – King Koil mattresses are very useful if you want proper body support and durability in the long run. The company has collaborated with many chiropractic experts and put into use the latest technologies in order to manufacture their mattresses. As a result, their mattresses can deliver brilliant cushioning and soft bedding features to the users. Their four major categories include – Spine Support Collection, Perfect Solutions, Perfect Contour, and Natural Response. Check out their website.

Final Words – everyone will have a different preference when shopping for mattresses. Based on the need of every individual, a mattress should be bought. Whether you buy a foam mattress or wakefit mattress, make sure to do your research and choose the best brand.

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