Best Mattresses According to Your Body Weight

Best Mattresses

If you want to feel fresh and energetic, you need the right amount of sleep! You can sleep well if your mattress is right. Choosing the wrong mattress means problems with back pain, and that’s bad news for your sleep and health! You can go and buy a mattress online, but do you know what mattress your body needs? Did you know your sleeping position has a lot to do when choosing a Best Mattresses?

We’ll share some Mattress tips that will help you get the mattress that is right for your body. Read on to find out more. 

Best Mattress For Your Body Type

The mattress that has to be the right size for your body, so you need to know what your options are:

1. Small or lightweight: 

If you are small or lightweight, you need a softer mattress. If the mattress is too firm, you will have problems with shoulder pain. You won’t sink into the mattress, and this will ensure proper spinal alignment. 

The mattress should not be very dense and a great choice for sleepers in this category. Your sleeping position matters too. If you are a combination sleeper who does not believe in sleeping in one position like side sleeping, stomach sleeping, and back sleeping, then memory foam or latex mattresses would be the best choice for you.

Leading companies that manufacture memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses in India are Wakefit and Springtek. Wakefit gives you breathable fabric, next-generation memory foam, medium-firm support, and a 10-year warranty. Natural latex mattresses from Springtek come with an 11-year warranty. This hypoallergenic mattress is also baby safe and has great air circulation.

2. Heavyset sleepers

If you are over 100 kg, then you need a medium-firm mattress. If you are looking for a mattress for back pain, this is a great choice as it avoids sinking and prevents spinal alignment problems. The dual comfort mattress from Wakefit is medium-soft on one side, medium-hard on the opposite one, and gives you a 7-year warranty.

3. Tall Sleepers

If you’re above 6 feet 4 inches, then you need the California king size bed to sleep comfortably! Check your bed for the actual size and make sure and avoid beds with side rails. In India, you have some fantastic options for king size mattresses from Wakefit. 

4. Pregnant Women:

If you are pregnant, you would need a softer surface to sleep on. You can go for a gel-based foam mattress from SleepyCat. The material used is Visco Gel Memory Foam that gives you a cooler feel and targeted support for hips and shoulders.

Get the Right Mattress 

Whatever your body type or sleeping position, you will get the best quality mattresses in India! Check the size and the surface that suits you perfectly and get the mattress you want within your budget. 

Sleep comfortably, and stay healthy!

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