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Are you looking for a mattress online that suits your body type just right? Is that even possible? Yes, absolutely! Today, mattresses are optimally constructed to ensure that they fit the sleeper’s need just right. The mattress distributes the sleeper’s body weight such that the heavier parts of their body get more support while lighter parts get adequate support. These mattresses will contour to the body shape of the sleeper so that the sleeper does not experience any kind of soreness in the body. 

 Let us have a look at some of the best memory foam mattress brands out there that keep the body type of the sleeper in mind. 

Mattress for every body type 

  1.  Emma Memory Foam Mattress 

This European design is created to offer the sleeper a superior sleeping experience. The memory foam mattress is constructed keeping in mind various body types, and therefore, it accommodates all kinds of sleepers and their sleeping position. Whether you are a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper or a side sleeper, this mattress will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep regardless. 

  1. Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress 

This memory foam mattress takes the body shape of the sleeper as a result of which the sleeper experiences the most comfortable sleep ever. The mattress has several layers to ensure luxurious comfort. It prevents pressure points from being created in the sleeper’s neck, shoulders, and hips as a result of which the sleeper does not experience any pain in these areas after a night’s rest on this ortho mattress.

The mattress has memory foam layers with open-cell structure so that the sleeper’s body heat is absorbed and circulated throughout the product instead of being trapped. It is a hypoallergenic mattress and a mattress for back pain

  1. SleepyCat Gel Memory Foam mattress 

This is the next mattress on our list. Not only does the mattress look after your individual sleep needs due to your body type, it also makes sure your body temperature does not ruin your sleep. The brand uses gel technology for the same.

The SleepyCat memory foam mattress comes in a box which makes it easy for you to store it in case you are not immediately using it. Maintaining the freshness and hygiene of your sleep product is key, and since this mattress comes in a box, it remains clean while you store it.


Mattresses today are designed to ensure that all body types get the good rest that they deserve. Some mattresses offer body weight distribution to offer heavier parts of the sleeper’s body for support than the lighter parts. These mattresses also ensure that the sleeper’s spine remains naturally aligned throughout the rest.

The mattresses on this list not only offer all of these features but also ensure motion isolation. So, if you share your bed with someone and they move a lot in their sleep, then you have nothing to worry about. The mattress will absorb the motion and isolate it so that you enjoy zero disturbance sleep. 

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