What is the best full-size foam mattress for the summer season?

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If you live in India, then you are well aware of how the temperature rises during the summer. Every year the summer touches new records. With such scorching temperatures, it becomes very difficult to cope with throughout the day. Especially when you are sleeping at night, you have to keep your body cool, or else you start to feel uneasy and uncomfortable. One of the best ways to ensure that your body remains cool is by using a good quality mattress. Yes! A full-size foam mattress can help to absorb the heat and moisture from the body. Then it circulates the heat and provides a comfortable sleep.

Sleep is an important part of our schedule. But, if your body doesn’t feel comfortable, it is not possible to sleep properly. Best mattress brands in India have started to manufacture mattresses that keep your body cool. These are specially made for the Indian summers. Every mattress is made of unique materials, every one of which comes with special features.

So, how are you going to select the right material? Some of these materials tend to deliver a more comfortable experience during the summers when compared to others. In today’s blog take a detailed look at them.

Best Mattress Materials For The Summers

After a lot of extensive research and findings, we have finally decided that a few materials offer major benefits. In this segment, we are going to discuss these materials in detail.

Memory Foam Mattresses – memory foam is one of the most popular materials that can make the best orthopedic mattresses. It is much cheaper when compared to latex mattresses and also offers very good support. But, few people have complained about the material heating up much quicker than others. Don’t worry, there’s a simple way in which you can fix it. Instead of using the memory foam as a top layer in the mattress, you can use it as a middle layer.

This can help to facilitate more air circulation throughout the mattress. So your body remains cool and it helps to absorb the moisture from the surrounding as well. On a different note, another feature that makes memory foam such a great buy is its the ability to absorb energy. That helps to make a top-quality motion isolation mattress for the users.

PU Foam Mattresses – PU Foam is a lot like the memory foam mattresses which we see in the market. Even all the ingredients that go into the making of a memory foam mattress is quite similar to that of PU. It is light and affordable, making it a favorite for Indian customers. PU foam has a slight edge over memory foam in terms of dealing with the body heat. Yes! PU can efficiently cut off the heat from the body and releases it to the atmosphere. Thus, helping you to sleep peacefully at night without worry.

Rubberized Coir Mattresses – one of the most favorite mattresses for South India is the rubberized coir mattress. Coir mattresses are made of 100% organic materials that deliver an eco-friendly performance over a long time. Since they are made of natural fibers, they can help to absorb and circulate the heat inside the mattress in a better manner. They guarantee comfortable sleep and doesn’t allow your body to heat up. However, these mattresses do not last long and have an average life span of 5-6 years. Some coir mattresses are even made of cotton and that is why they are safer to use as compared to the synthetic materials.

Latex Foam Mattresses – the final material on this list is very popular – latex. For many years, latex has undoubtedly been a favorite material to make mattresses. It can conduct heat very well and that means the mattress does not get heated up quickly.

Nor it becomes very cold when the temperature falls. So, you are getting a comfortable sleep on a latex mattress. We didn’t find any downside to it apart from the fact that the latex mattress is very expensive. Latex can also be used to make the best orthopaedic mattress that supports your full body and delivers the right level of cosiness.

These are the top materials that can be used to make a mattress that offers the best comfort during the summers. Best mattress brands in India have their own set of products that are made of either of these materials for comfort.

Final Words – summers are really tiring and hot in India. You would want to do anything to keep yourself cool and comfortable. Make sure to purchase a mattress that is made of any of the materials that we discussed in this blog. We can guarantee you that you will feel more comfortable and enjoy extra features like motion isolation mattresses as well.

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